Case Study 1

Accounting for all these transactions and consolidating the same at the Head Office involved more people for redundant activities and led to time delays. ...Testimonials


Case Study 2

Much of management time were spent in Invoicing, receivable activities. Though hiring local CPAs worked, it proved to be an costly affair...Testimonials


Case Study 3

The business was growing rapidly & the company had to hire consistently to keep pace. The challenge was to find people with good accounting/finance skills who would also come at a decent cost...Testimonials

ProdEx Technologies

ProdEx Technologies develops software products for the global market for sales and recruiting professionals. It also provides network management solutions to companies worldwide.

ProdEx in India has been working with the team at Tandem for six years now. They have been handling our accounting, payroll and statutory filing requirements in a very competent and professional manner. We are impressed with their quick adoption of new technologies and software to meet our growing and complex accounting needs. We also appreciate their dedicated staff for their quick response time to our queries and ad-hoc problems over the years. This has allowed us to spend more time on core activities.


ProdEx Technologies

ValueSource Technologies Pvt Ltd

As an MNC we were happily surprised with the level of service and competency KSA offered us when starting up our subsidiary in Chennai. And that goes on after the change of name to TANDEM.

We can see people that work with Tandem are dedicated, with an eye for detail and willing to look at things from different angles while keeping strictly to the rules. And that is how we prefer to work also.

Eventual differences in opinion can be discussed with an open mind, new questions we have are dealt with efficiently and effectively. We do hope to keep up this very practical relationship in future.

Maria De Boeck


Pelican Wealth Managers Pvt. Ltd.

We are happy with the services offered by TandemConsulting.Being a boutique Wealth Management outfit,non core areas like accounting, administration and payroll did pose a few challenges to us prior to Tandem, however over the last two years, we are happy to note with our engagement with Tandem, we have been able to iron out most of our difficulties.

We look forward to working closely with Tandem and its vibrant team to achieve greater efficiencies in our operations.

Babu Krishnamoorthy

Founder & Head - New Business

Malabar Management Services (P) Ltd

We are a management consultancy organization with a focus to provide BPO assignments related to HR and Facility Management.We are providing services to a leading bank in India, in respect of the assignments for employees over a period of three years.

In order to carry out our services efficiently, we have choosen Tandem Consulting Private Limited to handle the assignments of payroll management and related statutory compliance for over 2000 employees. We have been able to deliver the services efficiently to the desired standard expected by our client only because of the support we have been receiving from Tandem.

We would like to highlight that Tandem had supported us in improving the system in accrodance with the industry norms and adhered to time schedule. The services provided to us with consistency by Tandem have helped us to gain reputation with our clients.


Sr.Manager - Corporate Service

Tyco Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.

We have been engaging Tandem Consulting to provide services on Payroll Processing, and statutory filings like Income Tax, Professional Tax and Provident Fund etc for the past six months. Their overall services in terms of consistency and Performance has been assessed and rated 'GOOD'.

The relationship that they have built with us is very positive and encouraging.


HR Manager